1. The International Nylon Fetish Club Part 3

    Datum: 11.09.2019, Kategorien: Reif Fetisch Gruppensex

    When the Club initially formed, it did not want to become just another place for swingers to meet. It wanted to maintain an air of uniqueness with a very specific, elite membership. That is why sex was limited to men jacking off onto the nylon encased legs and feet of member's wives.
    Over time, some members began to take notice of some obvious changes happening. The men were becoming so aroused that they could not resist rubbing their erect penises on these willing wives of other men. The wives were finding it increasingly hard, (pun intended), to resist the turgid penises of men who were not their husbands. Even the husbands, who were watching and jacking off while a strange man was ravishing their wives nylon clad legs and feet, could hardly contain themselves. Some wanted to participate by touching or worshiping their wives nylons or kiss them passionately while they were being ravished.
    It wasn't long before the male participants become increasingly embolden by humping the nyloned legs and feet of the wives who presented themselves for such servicing. Even the wives were beginning to reach for the erect cocks that were often oozing precum leaving shiny, sparkling trails along the length of their nylons.
    Witnessing this, the board of directors decided to meet to determine if the Club should expand its offerings to its members. Of the 13 directors, only one opposed a motion to do so. The motion entailed a rather elaborate plan offering a variety of other options ...
    ... for its members with clear boundaries and guidelines for each newly agreed upon level of activities.
    The Club would now offer a range of activities in specifically designated rooms that started with traditional jacking off all the way up to full penetrative intercourse and bareback insemination of the wives and couples who wanted it. The Club considered changing its name and dropping any reference to "nylon" but that was unanimously defeated. This was to remain a club dedicated to men with a fetish for nylons who enjoyed seeing their wives pleasure other men.
    There was one limitation and a good one at that. Members could not engage in sex with each other's spouses. That was strictly prohibited and grounds for membership termination. This was not going to be a wife swapping club. This was going to remain a very exclusive sexual service club with a very narrow appeal to a small segment of married couples. The Club therefore agreed to recruit bulls and studs who had to submit to a rigorous application and interview process which also included physical examinations and periodic blood tests to insure the safety and well being of participating wives. Bulls or studs who were successfully selected would be strictly prohibited from engaging in sexual activities outside of the Club to insure their ongoing health. A tennis or golf club has its pros. Why not a nylon fetish/wife fucking club?
    In order to provide studs or bulls for the couples who wanted one, the Board conducted ...